everything of me

{March 10, 2010}   l.o.v.e

Love …. We can not predict when approached. This is what I experienced, I feel like melewtkan and throw but I was not able to do, the love that went very pure and sincere, a very different way I did before. Indeed, this kind of love that had been eating really wanted. But, for some reason, I always ask – Tanya, why …. Why … I have experienced love like this with him, he is already old and have a family. If he was single and had not, must have been very pleased and happy to feel the love like this, a very good personality, a very sincere heart. I was confused, what should I do, on the one hand, this heart ached because I felt it was a mistake but on one side … I feel happy, the first time in my life, get love so sincere and pure. I really love and love him, he has managed to complete a frozen heart and opened my eyes to see things from a different direction, he has taught me things without realizing it. And when I realized, he was gone. Before he left, we could speak from the heart to menstop not love each other. I have not expressed my decision about my relationship with him. And I did not know what I have to wait for him or not though I’m sure he’ll come back again, without knowing when it’s time. I thought if this is true love? I admit we have a chemistry with each other, not necessarily for all people who experience that love can have a chemistry. I do not know if we have chemistry is strong or not. Love is very confusing and it is very hard to decide the relationship has endured. If memeng true that I have a strong chemistry with him, he must have sensed that this time I really miss him and hopefully he menelponku, suaru want to hear and talk to him even though he had said before he went to laos meet his family, the last time called.

Jc … chocholate is sweet than strawberries.


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